TV5 and Mineski Partnered to bring eSports on TV

TV and Mineski Partnership

The eSport scene has been steadily growing and companies are taking notice. So TV5 and Mineski has made a partnership to bring eSports on TV.

The world of eSports is rapidly expanding, from small local tournaments to massive competitions with millions at stake. This is especially true on other countries. But here in the Philippines, most tournaments and games can only be enjoyed by viewers only by streaming online. Not anymore.

In a recent press conference, TV5 announced their investment into the Philippine eSports industry by partnering with Mineski-DotA, the country’s prominent eSports organization. This means that TV5 will be lending support to Mineski-DotA’s tournament campaigns and will probably be the ones to cover the Mineski Pro-Gaming League (MPGL).

Just last month, TV5 provided the very first televised broadcast of an eSport championship by covering the Season 5 World Finals of League of Legends (LoL). It is said that they will be launching a new media platform focused on gaming. Soon MPGL matches can reach audiences in both online and in front of the TV screen.

And perhaps we can hope to see The International, the biggest DOTA 2 championship in the world, on TV.


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