The best SIM Registration Experience for me

SIM Registration Experience

If you’re worried that registring your SIM card is complicated, let me share my SIM registration experience.

Before we start, some background. I have registered other SIM cards from other telcos for my wife and my parents. All of them are pretty straightforward, but I did find the registration for Smart SIM cards to be a bit more seamless, less hassle, and a bit more rewarding.

The Preparation

Like the other service provider, a valid ID is required to register your SIM card. This is needed to verify your identification. So it is better to prepare your ID before registering. Also be sure that you are in a well-lit area, since you will be taking a photo of your ID. This ensures that the picture comes out as clear as possible. This will come in handy later. If you are registering a SIM card for another person, be sure they are right beside you while filling up the forms.

The Registration Process

At the start of the registration process, they will need to verify your SIM card via OTP (One-Time Pin). You will then need to fill the up the form with your basic information which is pretty standard.

Next is taking a picture of your ID. Now, I have heard from others who registered that taking a photo of their ID sometimes fails. And I found the reason is the photo is too grainy or a bit too dark. That’s why I suggested that you should be in a well lit room so the photo will come out clear and bright. Another reason for a failed attempt is the photo is taken too close. You should take the photo with a bit of space/margin on the sides so the system can identify the edge of the ID. The reason why this is done this way is because the system actually reads your ID and will continue to fill up the necessary information for you, such as ID number, etc. This is very helpful in my opinion because I really get annoyed with encoding long ID numbers.

Smart Registration

Lastly is taking a selfie. Other telcos just need to capture a quick photo of your face. But with Smart, it literally needs to scan your face. This might be a bit cumbersome to some, but I actually prefer this. It is a security feature that makes sure that it is actually you who are registering. Now all you need to do is submit the form and wait for confirmation. A reference number will be given when done, so be sure to keep it just in case.


Free 3GB Data

Telcos also offer perks for completing their registration. DITO offers bonus data when you register. Smart and TNT also offer free 3GB of data upon completing your registration.

Difference between Telcos

The main differences between the three telcos are mainly the experience and perks. For starters, you can register for both Smart and Globe via a web page. Meanwhile, for DITO you need to register while using their app. There are definitely some pros and cons to both, but I personally prefer on the webpage so I can register via my computer/laptop. Smart and DITO also offer free or bonus data when you finish your SIM registration, while Globe does not.

The Best Experience

Overall, the telco that offered the best registration experience for me was Smart and TNT. Not only do they offer free data upon completing your registration, their registration process is easier and more secure. Smart actually scans your ID’s photo and input the necessary details to the form. This saves time as we don’t need to input and double checking the ID number and more. They also scan your face rather than just take a photo for added security.

If you haven’t registered your SIM card yet, do it now. You can check our ultimate SIM registration guide on the link below.


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