Kublai Millan Captures “Sunrises for the Soul” with HUAWEI XMAGE

Kublai Millan Captures “Sunrises for the Soul” with HUAWEI XMAGE

Davao artist Kublai Millan created a collection of sunrise photographs for his “Sunrises for the Soul” exhibit with HUAWEI XMAGE.

HUAWEI XMAGE – Creativity Enhanced by AI Technology

HUAWEI XMAGE is the company’s new mobile imaging technology and independent imaging brand. And it has been Kublai Millan’s go-to equipment for art photography. The AI technology achieves Millan’s poetic visions of color and light by operating in three dimensions: an optical system, imaging technology, and image processing. This is what makes HUAWEI smartphones the best for mobile photography.

HUAWEI Mobile Photography – Excellence Made Simple

Kublai x HUAWEI 2

Kublai Millan is admittedly “low-tech” by nature, relying on his instincts rather than technical to approach his art. But with HUAWEI XMAGE, he was able to capture to feature is collection through the “Sunrises for the Soul” exhibit. Though the science behind the technology is very in-depth, the intuitiveness of the controls made it easy to unleash the artist’s creativity.

“HUAWEI has become this artist’s tool to capture God’s canvas.”

Kublai Millan remarked upon his experience as a loyal HUAWEI user.
Kublai x HUAWEI 1

Millan has been using the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro which he has acquired in 2019. And HUAWEI’s newer models have continued to improve their light intake, achieving ultra-clear images across the full focal length and time frame. The company is constantly innovating in the areas of image processing, AI photography, and real-time HDR fusion. This makes them perfect for artist like Kublai Millan, who endeavor to capture the world in vivid color.

Catch the “Sunrises for the Soul” Exhibit at SM Lanang Premier

Kublai Millan

The “Sunrises for the Soul” exhibit and book launch was unveiled last August 18, 2022. There, Millan discussed the inspirations behind the project and hosted a live poetry reading with his co-poet, Stella Estremera.

The exhibit is currently open to the public for viewing for the remainder of the month. You can visit the exhibit at the SM Lanang Premier atrium.

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