Peek into the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

Peek into the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

HONOR has recently confirmed its comeback to the Philippine and reveals its self-funded Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.

“The opening of the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park was a significant milestone of our success in integrating our R&D capabilities into our manufacturing processes. The consolidation allows us to better harness our expertise across both fields. In addition to bolstering our manufacturing capacities, the smart manufacturing facility houses world-class production, testing and quality control equipment that ensures our premium products live up to our customers’ high expectations.”

Said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd.

HONOR’s Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

The Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park is the brand’s self-funded factory. It is equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing and testing facilities that supports every aspect of smartphone manufacturing. This is integral to assuring the quality of the brand’s premium offerings. 20% of the staff that’s working in the Park are Research & Development personnel. This because the brand weaves its R&D resources into the Park’s core capabilities. This maximizes the synergy between R&D and Manufacturing and keep pace with innovation.

Seamless Integration between R&D and Manufacturing

With automation, variation and defects caused by human errors are reduced. This results in greater consistency in quality. The Park is equipped with high precision automatic manufacturing technology. Included is an automatic precision assembly machine that can achieve assembly precision of up to 75 microns. To detect foreign bodies and monitor real-time pressure, the automatic battery assembly equipment adopts high-precision optical detection. It ensures the safety of the batteries that’s produced and reduce safety risks. 75% of the production line is completed using automation. 40% of that was developed by HONOR’s own Research & Development team. With their automated production line, one smartphone is able to leave every 28.5 seconds.

Managing End-to-End Quality Control with the Power of Automation and Intelligence

Quality control is ensured from the manufacturing to testing phase. It is also done through the close monitoring of every step of the assembly line. When an anomaly is detected, an alert is triggered which is followed by a timely correction of the issue. HONOR also uses an online aging process where assembly and burn-in testing are done in one process. The company’s process also consists of over 150 prediction tests that quickly detect quality issues and shortens the turnover and testing period.

The “Manufacturing Supermarket” concept has also been adopted by HONOR. This is to build a lean and intelligent material distribution system. The real-time demand of the production line is linked to the intelligent selection of off shelf components. As a result, colleagues can manage a rapid error-free process of material selection. It is then automatically delivered to the production station by Automated Guided Vehicles across floors and inventory areas. After product packaging is completed, the AGV’s intelligent scheduling system automatically picks up the products.

Three Pillars of Manufacturing Excellence

Automation, digitalization, and intelligent technology serve as the cornerstones underpinning the Park’s core manufacturing capabilities. It operates with 75% of its production line automated, minimizing human error. Moreover, more than 40% of its automated production equipment were developed in-house. This serves as further evidence of the tight integration between R&D and manufacturing capabilities at the Park.

Lastly, all key equipment in the production facility supports digital control systems. This allows HONOR to better manage the entire production line and have better efficiency, as well as improve product quality.


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