Not A Usual Geeky Post – A Quick Thank You Before Ending the Year

This isn’t my typical geeky post, but it comes from the heart. Before the this year ends, let me just say a few words of gratitude.

2016 was not one of the best years. Some people experienced difficulties. There were tragedies. Icons passed away one after the other. But there are still things that a geek like me is thankful for.

Air Asia thank You Campaign

Air Asia just recently launched a #ThankYou campaign for the holidays. You can watch the video below.

In their campaign video, we learn that a simple “Thank You” to someone goes a long way. It is a sign of gratitude for all the things, no matter how small, a person has done for us. And so this inspire me to write this little article as #ThankYou for the people who have supported me through the year.

The first Thank You goes to my family. You guys have always been patient with me and though our family may not be perfect, we still support each other with whatever ventures we pursue in life. And for that I thank you.

The next Thank You goes to my Davao Bloggers Society family. You guys are awesome. You continue to inspire me to be a better blogger and a better person. Lablab Fam, thank you! #DBStheBest

The last and the most important Thank You goes to my girlfriend Sheena. We had been on a relationship for 6 years now. And though we had been on a long distance relationship most of the time, you remained strong for me. And you have always been my number 1 supporter in whatever I do.

You are my pillar and for that I thank you Mami. Let’s make 2017 great together!

2016 wasn’t the best, but you people certainly had made it awesome for me. #Thankyou! Bring it on 2017!















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  1. Avatar
    December 31, 20:45 Ria Jose

    Woohoo! Thank You and Happy New Year! ?

  2. Josef Cagas
    December 31, 20:54 Josef Cagas

    Thank you fam! Happy New Year! ???

  3. Avatar
    January 01, 01:18 Rhea Sheena Lumbatan

    Aww. Thank You too, Dadi! ? Can’t wait for 2017. I love you so much!

  4. Avatar
    January 01, 02:25 Lester Y .Pescadero

    Happy New Year to Davao Geek Hub.

  5. Avatar
    January 02, 11:56 Sarah

    Ayee! Thank you din Joseph for your overwhelming spirit of volunteerism. Char. Pero bitaw, thanks for those photos and videos you did for DBS. Happy new year!

  6. Avatar
    January 02, 18:31 Michael Vincent Tianzon

    I enjoyed reading your blog. 2016 has been a year of challenges and struggles for me though yet I remain thankful to the one who created me. For giving me a blast of wisdom and becoming a stronger person that I am right now. Looking forward for more debacles and memorable moments this brand new year. I know 2017 will also be a great year for you and ate sheena. Happy new year! Godbless!!!

  7. Avatar
    January 02, 18:37 Julie Alontaga

    Ang cheesy! Happy New Year. To more filming and video editing! hahaha

  8. Josef Cagas
    January 02, 19:40 Josef Cagas

    Thank you Lester, Happy New Year!

  9. Josef Cagas
    January 02, 19:42 Josef Cagas

    It’s cheesy because it’s heartfelt. Char! Hahaha. Thanks Jul. #DBStheBest

  10. Josef Cagas
    January 02, 19:45 Josef Cagas

    Basta for DBS. Char! Haha. Happy New Year Sar!

  11. Josef Cagas
    January 02, 19:46 Josef Cagas

    Awwee, thanks bro! May you have a great 2017 as well. ?

  12. Avatar
    January 02, 21:38 Teresa Te

    Okay lang yan ang LDR, Sef. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. God bless and have a bountiful new year! 🙂

  13. Avatar
    January 02, 22:18 bok

    Thank you Davao Geek Hub..

  14. Avatar
    January 03, 07:53 Sunshine Espiritu

    wedding na sa 2017. hahaha. Nandamay pa ako! Happy New Year Sef! Thanks for being a part of my 2016! To more lamon and fun!!

  15. Avatar
    January 06, 02:21 Emman

    Wow! whattalovely love life, family life and DBS life!… Thanks for some other Tech posts you share here, friend! 🙂

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