Claiming My Western Union Remittance Through Paymaya – A Review

You may or may not know, but you can claim your Western Union remittance through Paymaya. This is my review on the experience.

If you did not know yet, Paymaya is an app that serves as an online wallet and is used to make fast, secure, and hassle-free payments. And I have been using it since its inception.

You can read my review here:

But this review will be about my experience when claiming my Western Union Remittance through the Paymaya app. You might ask if it is really possible, and yes, it is. Just be sure that your Paymaya account is upgraded and is linked to a valid government ID (preferably the UMID from SSS). If your account is already updated but hasn’t linked in ID yet, you can just contact Paymaya support for assistance just like I did.

How to claim Western Union Remittance through Paymaya

Claiming the remittance is fairly easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Paymaya app
  2. Click Add Money
  3. Choose Western Union
  4. Enter the Western Union control number
  5. Then click Receive below.

You can check out this video where I did the steps to claim my remittance.

The Experience

Claiming your remittance is fairly easy. You just go to any Western Union branch, fill up some forms, wait for your queue, and receive the money. But there are instances that the queue is long, or instances where you are in a hurry and needed the funds fast. This is where the partnership with Paymaya really helps.

If you watched the video above, I was driving. I just pulled over, opened the app, and just claimed the remittance into my Paymaya account. It is that easy. I didn’t have to go to any branch, I just stayed in my car to process everything. You can then use those funds to shop via PayMaya QR, do online shopping, or even withrdraw the money in cash to any ATM. You can even pay bills through the app if you want.

The Verdict

So, as you might have guessed by now through my writing, I have some positive things to say about my experience with claiming my remittance through the app. The convenience and ease of use it provides users is very important. If you can do it in just a few minutes, inside a car, with no hassle whatsoever, then it is great service. Perhaps the only downside to claiming with the app is that you need to have your account upgraded and link a valid ID. To do that you just have to go to any Smart Jump store.

Also, they have a promo right now

PayMaya x Western Union
PayMaya x Western Union

Paymaya and Western Union also has a running promo right now where you can get a chance to win up to PHP 100,000. You can read more details about it here:

You can download the Paymaya app here:

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The Good
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Claim
  • Avoid Queues
  • Super Fast Transactions
The Bad
  • Account Upgrade Needed
4.5 Superb

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