Trying Out PayMaya on Facebook Messenger – A Review + GIVEAWAY

PayMaya on Facebook Messenger

I have been using PayMaya for my online transactions ever since it was launched 2 years ago. Now they have finally integrated PayMaya on Facebook Messenger, let’s check it out.

For those who don’t know, PayMaya is an app that gives you a virtual prepaid card for shopping online, booking flights and more. Depending on your mobile network, you either get a virtual Visa or Mastercard. You can also pay bills, send money, and more, in-app. Read about our PayMaya review here:

PayMaya on Facebook Messenger

PayMaya on Facebook Messenger Getting Started

Now PayMaya has just integrated their services within Facebook Messenger via a chatbot. You just go to their Facebook page and message them directly. In Messenger, just click get started to link your PayMaya account, or even make a PayMaya account if you don’t have one yet. To link your PayMaya account to Messenger just click this link:

PayMaya on Facebook Messenger Money


The UI is straightforward, even a 10-year old kid would probably be able to understand it. And it was able to link my account instantly. Transactions can be made within Messenger rather than the App. You can find the Money button bellow, clicking it will let you choose what transactions to do; such as Buy Load for your device, Pay Bills, Send Funds, and manage your account. It even gives you an instruction on how to Deposit Cash to your PayMaya account.

Trying It Out Within Messenger

Since I have funds in my PayMaya account, let’s try some transactions within the Messenger UI. For now I’m just going to buy some load for my prepaid device.


PayMaya on Facebook Messenger Load

I am a SMART Prepaid subscriber, and it lets me choose from the load ranging from PhP 20 up to PhP 1000. As shown above, the load you buy has a 5% discount. Bought PhP 50 for now to register to SMART GigaSurf later. I received the load instantly just like you would when using the PayMaya app.

What’s NOT Included in PayMaya on Facebook Messenger

It is certainly faster to just use Facebook Messenger and not the PayMaya app itself on regular transactions as buying load or paying bills, but there are features that you can only do within the PayMaya app. For one thing, you can’t view your virtual Mastercard/Visa card in Messenger. You can only view it on the app, which means you still need the app when shopping online. Another is you can’t send load to your friends, you can do it on the app. And lastly, you can only check your transaction history within the app.

PayMaya’s Referral Promo


PayMaya on Facebook Messenger Promos

Okay, this one your’re going to like. PayMaya is actually having a promo regarding their Facebook Messenger integration. It is a referral program wherein you refer PayMaya on Facebook Messenger to your friends. If your friend does sign up and/or link their PayMaya account in Messenger, you both get PhP 50 credits each which will be credited on your accounts within 2-3 business days. You can refer up to 25 friends, letting you earn up to PhP 1,250 of credits. This promo will run from December 6-19, 2017. To know more about the promo, check out this link:


We’ll also be collaborating with PayMaya for a giveaway on social media where you can win 1 out of 5 PhP 1,000 credits, check it out on our Facebook post:

The Verdict

I’ve been using PayMaya for about two years now and I have been satisfied with their service. I primarily use it to shop online, pay for my domain and hosting, pay for Spotify Premium, send money, as well as send load or load my own device. With it’s integration in Messenger, I don’t have to sign in in the app every time I have simple transactions such as buying a load , sending money, or paying bills. I can just do all of that within Messenger.

You do still need the app, however, for when you use your virtual card. I think it is for the best since the PayMaya app seems more secure than within Messenger. Basically, the Messenger integration is helpful for when you are in a rush to pay your bill, send money, or buy load.

There is also a problem when accessing it on a computer. The buttons the transactions is nowhere to be found, it is only visible when using the mobile app for Messenger. I hope PayMaya will look into this and fix it.



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