What Went On During the Mindanao Cyber Expo 2016

The Mindanao Cyber Expo was held at SM City Davao Annex Building on July 29-31, 2016 and is highlighted with game tournaments, rig showcases, etc.

First off I wasn’t there for the whole full 3 days of the event, so I’m just going to describe what went on when I was there.

The Booths

Booths from different brands are a must on these kinds of events. There they showcase their newest products such as motherboards, graphic cards, power supplies, monitors, computer cases, laptops, and different peripherals. You can even play some games on their booth, and they’re giving away freebies for those who participate in their activities. Below are some images of products displayed by Kingston/HyperX, Razer, FSP, Thermaltake/Ttesports, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASUS.

MCE 2016 Booths 01 MCE 2016 Booths 02 MCE 2016 Booths 03 MCE 2016 Booths 04 MCE 2016 Booths 05 MCE 2016 Booths 06 MCE 2016 Booths 07 MCE 2016 Booths 08 MCE 2016 Booths 09 MCE 2016 Booths 10 MCE 2016 Booths 11 MCE 2016 Booths 12 MCE 2016 Booths 13 MCE 2016 Booths 14 MCE 2016 Booths 15 MCE 2016 Booths 16 MCE 2016 Booths 17 MCE 2016 Booths 18

Virtual Reality

The MSI and ASUS booths also had an HTC Vive with them in order to let attendees experience Virtual Reality Gaming. You can read about my VR Experience on this link: https://davaogeekhub.com/nvidia-vr-experience/


MCE 2016 Tournamnets 01 MCE 2016 Tournamnets 02 MCE 2016 Tournamnets 03 MCE 2016 Tournamnets 04 MCE 2016 Tournamnets 05 MCE 2016 Tournamnets 06 MCE 2016 Tournamnets 07

I didn’t really stayed long for the tournaments because I had other matters to attend to, But I did caught a glimpse of some of them, namely CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and DOTA 2. I also watch the intense finals of the women’s division for DOTA 2.


MCE 2016 Speakers 01 MCE 2016 Speakers 02 MCE 2016 Speakers 03 MCE 2016 Speakers 04 MCE 2016 Speakers 05 MCE 2016 Speakers 06

I only got to listen to a few speakers during the event since I was only there during the afternoons. There was this graphic artist (I’m sorry, I forgot his name) who demonstrated his craft. He was actually the one who designed the album cover for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Or so I’m told). We also have some people from Ingenuity (The ones who developed the game, Tamagogo) who talked about game development. We also have people from ASUS, MSI, and Thermaltake as well who talked about the tech behind their newest products. Modder Jesse Palacio (JPModified) even talked about PC Modding.

Rig Showcase/LAN Party Xtreme

And of course, MCE wouldn’t be complete without a showcase of the rigs in their LAN Party Xtreme. You can check them out on this link: https://davaogeekhub.com/mce-2016-rig-showcase/

Cosplay Competition

And as usual there is a cosplay competition during the final day of MCE. You can view the photos of the contestants, as well as the cosplayers roaming around the event area, on this link: https://davaogeekhub.com/photos-mce-2016-cosplay/

Booth Babes

Ah, booth babes. You got to admit, most of you like to take pictures with the booth babes of MCE 2016. Some of them are my acquaintances, and I absolutely love taking their photos. You can check out their photos on this link: https://davaogeekhub.com/mindanao-cyber-expo-2016-booth-babes/

MCE 2016

The Mindanao Cyber Expo was truly one of the best tech events in Mindanao. I got to see a lot of new products, got to try out some new tech, and met up with acquaintances and friends. You can catch the Mindanao Cyber Expo again next year, but before that, you can still check out Games and Gadgets Expo (GAGEX 2016) which will be somewhere on November or December this year.



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