#HealthIsAChoice – Garmin Campaign Advocates Healthy Living

#HealthIsAChoice – Garmin Campaign Advocates Healthy Living

Garmin hopes to make exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle an easier choice for more Filipinos with their #HealthIsAChoice campaign.

Garmin is the leading brand for smart wearable devices with more than 60 million active users worldwide. They use health technology to accurately track users’ data and scientifically quantify their health status and guide them in achieving their health goals. Garmin’s 2021 Asian User Health Data Report, however, reveals lower active calories and higher stress levels among people in most Asian countries compared to last year. This could be attributed to the pandemic and restricted outdoor activities.

To encourage Filipinos to choose a healthier lifestyle, Garmin launches a new campaign aimed at helping users stay motivated and on track in their fitness goals. The #HealthIsAChoice #ChooseGarmin campaign encourages a scientific approach to pursuing health goals for the long term. Garmin hopes to make exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle an easier choice for more Filipinos.

Choosing Health with Garmin

Health is a Choice. Choose Garmin.

Garmin’s latest report reveals Filipinos average 42.82 Intensity Minutes. It’s the 4th lowest average values in the SEA region, with Hong Kong leading at 53 minutes. The extended indoor living has also further limited people’s activities these past months.

According to a study by Sleep Cycle in 2019, Filipinos also ranked 4th globally in terms of being sleep-deprived. The report revealed that Filipinos sleep an average of 6.5 hours a day versus the recommended 7 or more hours of sleep for adults. In terms of stress levels, the Philippines ranked 2nd in having the highest stress level in Asia according to Garmin’s 2021 report. Staying physically active and having adequate sleep are important in boosting metabolism and health. Improving blood oxygen health, avoiding excessive stress, building or maintaining muscle mass, and maintaining hydration are also vital.

“The public’s awareness of health has improved significantly, and a lot of it has to do with the pandemic. In 2021, Garmin’s health and wellness product lines, which feature comprehensive health functions such as blood oxygen monitoring, had a strong growth of approximately 30 percent in the Asian markets.”

Shared Mr. Scoppen Lin, Garmin Asia Senior Director.

Garmin encourages more health enthusiasts and fitness rookies to #ChooseGarmin in their self-training and physical activity monitoring and measurement. And to motivate users to continue exercising and boost their metabolism, Garmin’s devices have sensors and trackers that show users’ progress. These help the user to see how their body reacts to physical activities. Seeing positive results can give them a sense of achievement and motivate them further in their health and fitness journey.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring Features

The brand’s smart wearables monitor important health functions related to the metabolic rate such as resting calories and active calories consumption. The devices also monitor heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress level, advanced sleep monitoring, fitness age, hydration, and other important health functions.

Garmin Pulse Ox

These functions aid the user in determining exercise quality and developing good habits to improve their overall health. Its Heart Rate tracker can be used to measure exercise intensity. The body’s efficiency in burning fat improves when the exercise heart rate is between 65% and 79% of the maximum heart rate. The Stress Level widget monitors changes in the heart rate and provides Relax Reminders to calm down when stress levels run high. Sleep Monitoring tracker analyzes the user’s heart rate, oxygen saturation level, respiratory rate, and activity data through the 3 sleep cycles. This provides a score based on the quality of sleep. The Hydration widget records the user’s water intake with reminders to hydrate from time to time.

The most notable monitoring feature of Garmin’s smart wearables is the Pulse Ox sensors. It measures a user’s oxygen saturation concentration throughout the day and in real-time. Tracking SpO2 gives users insights on their physical performance under all kinds of conditions, even while sleeping. Monitoring SpO2 during sleep also help determine if one is experiencing any sleep disorders.

The Pulse Ox feature is available in select Garmin smart wearables in the Philippines. This include the Venu 2/2s, Venu Sq, Lily, vívomove series, Forerunner 245 Music, Forerunner 745, Forerunner 945, Instinct Solar, fēnix 6/6S/6X Pro Solar, tactix Delta Solar and Descent Mk2/2S/2i.

The #HealthIsAChoice Campaign

To help Garmin’s #HealthIsAChoice campaign reach more people, Dr. Geraldine Zamora recently took over Garmin PH’s Instagram Stories. She conducted a Health Talk + Q&A session to answer health-related questions from the audience. The whole IGS session can be found in the ‘Wellness’ IGS highlight.

“Strive to be physically fit. It’s important for us to keep moving. If you cannot find the time such as an hour or two every day, a few minutes per day would do. Try to get enough sleep at night and have a balanced diet. As much as possible, we have to try replacing ‘bad foods’ with good ones. Finally, do what you think is good for your mental health.”

Dr. Zamora stated.

The #HealthIsAChoice #ChooseGarmin campaign will run from mid-November to December to champion a safe and healthy holiday session. It will include many exciting activities and promotions to look out for.


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