GIGIBYTE Launches the New M32Q Gaming Monitor

GIGIBYTE Launches the New M32Q Gaming Monitor

Motherboard and GPU manufacturer, GIGABYTE, just announced a new member in their M series lineup: the GIGABYTE M32Q Gaming Monitor.

Designed for Productivity and Gaming

The M series lineup is designed to enhance work productivity while also offering an ultra-fast gaming and immersive entertainment experience. The monitor is equipped with a unique KVM button on the rear side that allows users to quickly switch between devices. The lineup is also equipped with USB Type-C ports that provide display, data, and power deliver to mobile devices. By connecting the devices (DisplayPort alternate mode support) to the monitor directly, users will be able to use keyboard and mouse to control those devices and have them charged at the same time.

Superb Picture Quality

The M32Q is a 32-inch flat-display QHD resolution and equipped with the latest Super Speed IPS panel. It also provides smooth moving image and awesome picture quality thanks to its 165Hz (OC 170HZ) refresh rate. Its 8-bit color and super-wide color gamut of 94% DCI-P3/120% sRGB offers outstanding color accuracy and consistency.

Exclusive GIGABYTE Tactical Features

Aside from its great specifications The M32Q gaming monitor also has features that improve work and gaming performance. The new Aim Stabilizer Sync allows users to reduce motion blur while enabling V-Sync at the same time. It also has the latest Eagle Eye feature that is able to adjust screen sizes and zoom-in ratios which improves your aim. Another new feature is the 6-axis color control. This allows users to adjust 6 colors (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow) individually to more accurately display the color gamut on the monitor. Lastly, to complete the perfect visual-audio experience, the monitor also comes with built-in stereos, offering quality sound experience to users.


The GIGABYTE M32Q gaming monitor will soon be available at computer shops near you.

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