Be Legit by Becoming a PayMaya Verified Seller

Be Legit by Becoming a PayMaya Verified Seller

Introducing PayMaya Verified Seller, a feature that makes transactions safer for both buyers and sellers using the PayMaya app.

Over the years, online shopping has become more popular in the Philippines. But online scams are ruining the experience, whether it be fake sellers or bogus buyers. PayMaya has come up with the PayMaya Verified Seller feature in order to protect customers from online scams, as well as boost e-commerce in the country. This feature equips online sellers who utilize the e-wallet to accept payments with a special badge. This helps the consumers check to see if they are paying legitimate businesses on the app.

How to Get the PayMaya Verified Seller Badge

To get the badge, sellers will undergo another layer of screening to ensure that they are a legitimate online business, and are on good standing. This is on top of the standard registration and upgrade process for PayMaya app users. For sellers, this badge is a stamp of approval from PayMaya. It is a way to let consumers know that they are transacting with a legitimate and trustworthy business that has passed their rigorous background check.

Once verified, the badge will appear beside the seller’s account name, which the customers can easily spot right before they transfer their payments in-app. To signup to be a PayMaya Verified Seller, business owners simply need to fill out the online form on the link below.

“For digital transactions, trust is key. That’s why we have created this unique feature for the millions of PayMaya users who are utilizing the app as sellers and buyers. Through PayMaya Verified Seller, we aim to make our ecosystem safer from online scams. We encourage all online sellers to get verified with PayMaya so you can show your customers that you are legit.”

Said Pepe Torres, Chief Marketing Officer at PayMaya.


Aside from giving customers an added layer of protection, PayMaya is also equipping sellers with the tools to help them protect from bogus buyers. Being verified will also give sellers access to features that can boost their business, such as:

  • Accept Payments form Anyone in Any Way – There are a lot of ways to receive payments customers seamlessly. They can receive from PayMaya users via QR, Send Money, or Request Money. They can also receive from bank account holders via QR PH and Instapay transfers. They can even receive from those without any financial account via Smart Padala to PayMaya money transfers.
  • Reach Millions of Potential Customers – As a PayMaya Verified Seller, you will be featured in PayMaya’s social media channels and in-app Maya Mall. This can help you reach millions of PayMaya users to help boost your business.
  • Increase Your Account Limit to ₱1M – Once you are ready to expand your business, PayMaya will be prepared to support you with an increased account limit. This will allow you to grow your business even further.
  • Get Exclusive Perks – You can also enjoy exclusive discounts on bills, groceries, deliveries, and waived bank transfers by simply using the app for everyday transactions.

Download PayMaya Now!

If you don’t have a PayMaya account yet, you can download the app on the links below. Use my invite code to get rewarded with credits when you upgrade and cash in your account.
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