2019 Smartphone Trend Predictions from Argomall

Argomall 2019 Smartphone Trend Predictions
Argomall 2019 Smartphone Trend Predictions

New year, new smartphone tech trends. And Argomall, an online gadget retailer from the Philippines, shares their 2019 smartphone trend predictions.

2018 was an awesome year for tech. It brought us new innovations that pushed the boundaries of smartphone tech. And we are excited to see what 2019 has to offer.

Goodbye Bezels

Smartphones today are really pushing the envelope in order to reach an all-screen display. Smartphone brands like OPPO and VIVO already ditched the notch and it seems that more brands are following suit on their design language in order to reach a simple, bezel-less, and real all-screen display.

Eye-Catching Designs

Aside from all-screen displays, we can also expect some eye-catching designs. Some brands are already teasing foldable screens, as well as dual display technology.

More Stamina

Bigger screens equate to the need for bigger batteries. So, it’s expected that smartphones this year will have a larger stamina. It can either be bigger battery capacity or better power efficiency.

Awesome Connectivity

Will this be the year that smartphone brands finally shift to USB-C? It should. And more brands may ditch the headphone jack and adapt the wireless music experience as truly wireless earbuds are getting more popular.

Beefed Up Specs

It’s a no brainer that we will see some pretty impressive internals for the new smartphones coming out this year. But what’s interesting is entry level and mid-range phones are also starting to get beefier specs.


2018’s smartphones were pretty much camera-centric, and we can expect the same in 2019. Either more cameras will be added to devices or camera resolution will be getting bigger.

Smarter Wearables

Wearables, particularly smartwatches, are also becoming a staple on every techie. They were first introduced for smart fitness functions, but most of them can now do more such as open messages. And we can expect that more functions will be added to these devices.

Now doesn’t these smartphone trend predictions make you excited for this year? Bear in mind that these are just predictions, but we do hope most if not all of them hits the mark. These predictions are brought to us by Argomall, check out Argomall.com if you’re looking to buy gadgets online.

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