Vertiv Launches New Liebert PCW High-Density Chilled Water Range

Vertiv Launches New Liebert PCW High-Density Chilled Water Range

Vertiv expands its data center thermal management portfolio with the new expanded Liebert PCW chilled water range.

The range are high-density chilled water models designed for medium to large-scale data centers and to support high-density computing. The Liebert PCW now offers up to 250kW of cooling capacity and is available throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Developed by Vertiv’s own research and development team, they use the latest technologies and performance. They are also tested in a GMPI Certified Laboratory. Its coil design and airflow optimization enable it to support high capacities in a compact footprint. Which, in turn, delivers best-in-class cooling performance. It is also able to deliver more cooling power with less footprint due to its space-saving and compact design.

The family also offer models in capacities from 69.7 to 208.9 kW. The PH250 model has three air flow configurations: down flow, and new front and rear supply. Its new front and rear flow configurations allow for large airflow capability with no raised floor. This brings customer savings in construction time and operating costs versus adapting to a raised floor installation.

Each Liebert PCW unit comes equipped with the new EBM RadiCal centrifugal fan with EC motor. It delivers optimum cooling with minimum power consumption. Additionally, the integrated Liebert iCOM controller has a new touch screen with complete view of status in single screen. This allows operators to make quick and precise decisions on unit performance.

“As the world continues its digital transformation, the overall market for larger data centers is growing. Additionally, data centers have to be agile and deployed quickly. The release of the expanded Liebert PCW range will give our customers the added flexibility to support high-density computing applications, while meeting their efficiency goals through energy savings. This will certainly address the needs of medium to large scale data centers in the region.”

Said Rebecca Ng, head of thermal management at Vertiv in Asia.

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