Trend Micro Aims to Elevate Cybersecurity in the Philippines this 2021

Trend Micro Aims to Elevate Cybersecurity in the Philippines this 2021

With threats continuing to persist in 2021, Trend Micro aims to elevate cybersecurity in the Philippines through conference and training.

Businesses are abruptly shifting their setups by applying work-from-home (WFH) schemes and going digital with their processes. And as a response to the lockdown measures, corporations and enterprises around the country go online as well. Both work data and personal data are now transferred through home internet service providers and comes the arising danger of cybercrime.

“2020 was in a lot of ways a catalyst for changes, as much as it was a gamechanger. The ways that our normal had to change in 2020 was a combination of those that were totally unexpected, and those that we have foreseen but didn’t expect to have to deal with so soon,”

said Joahnna Hipolito, Technical Communications Manager of Trend Micro Research.

Arising Cyberthreats

As I mentioned before, threats will continue to persist in 2021 as telecommuting continues to be the norm. This was according to cybersecurity global leader Trend Micro’s 2021 security predictions. This calls for organizations and users alike to work together in coming up with measures to make work-from-home setups safe and secure.

“One of those is the need for employees to be fully and immediately prepared to be part of their company’s security strategy. Companies can’t afford to simply wait for a security-focused mindset change among employees, they need to be trained well and soon,”

Hipolito added.

To help combat threats, raise awareness, and share knowledge, Trend Micro aims to address this gap and elevate cybersecurity in the Philippines through an annual conference and a series of training programs.

DECODE 2020: Elevate

The cybersecurity company kickstarted this advocacy with DECODE 2020 that was held November of last year. It carried the theme “Elevate: Transform Rapidly, Seamlessly, Securely”.

Because of quarantine restrictions, the conference went virtual which gathered about 3,000 I.T. professionals and experts nationwide. It gathered different sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, business and professional services, and the government. DECODE also featured renowned industry experts from different parts of the world.

Read more about DECODE 2020 here:

Better Cyber Skills in 2021

Trend Micro aims to elevate cybersecurity in the Philippines this 2021. The company has planned activities and learning sessions to advance the cyber skills of Filipino I.T. professionals. The company will also hold hands-on labs and certification training programs which are scheduled for release early this year.


Trend Micro will also be staging DECODE 2021, and I.T. enthusiasts should expect it to be bigger. And with the pandemic restrictions in mind, the organizers are looking at having a hybrid event that features both virtual and physical setups.

Just as the previous years, this year’s DECODE will have industry leaders and I.T. experts from around the globe. They will give updates on recent technology and practices, and share knowledge on various I.T.-related and cybersecurity topics.

DECODE is a free conference that is open to all on a pre-registration basis. To know more about this, visit

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