Smart Padala brings the SENDali Experience to Filipinos

Smart Padala brings the SENDali Experience to Filipinos

Smart Padala brings SENDali remittance experience closer to your home with its widest and most accessible network of touchpoints nationwide.

SENDali, which is a play on the words send and dali (fast), promises a hassle-free remittance experience with Smart Padala. It offers customers a quickest, most convenience, and most accessible wat to send and receive money to and from their love ones, wherever they may be.

Smart Padala has over 60,000 network touchpoints all over the country. This makes sending and receiving remittances as easy as heading to your neighbor. No need to commute to the city center and spend time in long lines. You can easily find an agent 4-6 minutes away from you to take care of your remittance.

SENDali Experience in just minutes

  1. Head to the trusted Smart Padala agent in your neighborhood.
  2. Provide the recipient’s name, and mobile number, as well as the funds and transaction fee. Get ready to take a photo as part of the quick registration process. (Available for transactions not exceeding ₱5,000 per month)
  3. Wait to receive a text message confirmation with the claim reference number.

Smart Padala’s Claim Anywhere

Smart Padala’s Claim Anywhere allow your recipient to claim the remittance from anywhere in the country. The new and improve process no longer needs you to provide the 16-digit Smart Padala number of the specific agent where your padala will be received. You just need to provide the recipient’s name and mobile number, and they can already pick-up the remittance at any agent nationwide.

Thanks to this, not only sending, but also receiving funds is made more convenient. There are also other ways to have a SENDali experience to your remittance transactions. You can also opt to send money to your friends and family from your PayMaya account, to be claimed straight at a Smart Padala agent near them. If you’re abroad, your love ones can also claim their Western Union remittance at select Smart Padala agents nationwide for a hassle-free transaction.

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