Shopee Pets Launched, a New Fun and Interactive In-App Game

Shopee Pets Launched, a New Fun and Interactive In-App Game

Shopee is set to make its in-ap experience even more entertaining and engaging with the launch of Shopee Pets.

Inspired by a popular mobile game during the 90s, Shopee Pets allows players to redeem exciting rewards by nurturing their virtual pets. Players can help their pets evolve through daily activities. They can be leveled up with XP (experience points) and unlock diamond points throughout the game. This can be achieved by feeding, cleaning, and playing with them. The accumulated points can then be used to redeem rewards at the Points Redemption Store. Once a pet reaches level 50, they can then choose another pet and repeat the life cycle.

Shopee Pets

Players can do the following to level up their pet and gain diamond point:

  • Social Interactions – With social interactions between players, they can receive shared items that can increase their pet’s happiness bar.
  • Schooling – Once your pet reaches level 4, you can let them attend school in order to join class games, and engage with other activities like quizzes and races to achieve diamond points.
  • Grooming – Dragging the soap bar on top of your pet can clean them. All cleaning supplies help increase XP and its happiness and cleanliness levels.
  • Feeding – There are 3 types of pet food you can feed your pet; paid food gives your pet higher XP growth and fullness points.
  • Playing – Playing with your pets can keep them happy and there are 3 ways to pay with them:
    • Dance to the Music – Follow the beat to increase your pet’s happiness bar. Each song consists of three rounds and will speed up at the end of each round.
    • Jump on a Trampoline – Drag the trampoline left and right to make sure your pet stays on it and earn more points.
    • Score a Goal in Soccer – Score a goal and increase your pet’s happiness and XP level. Each goal has a corresponding amount of XP.

Shopee Pets joins a list of other fun in-app games such as Pera Panalo, Shopee Candy, Shopee Farm, Shopee Bubble, and Shopee Claw.

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