Score Great Deals at the TP-Link 11.11 Sale

Score Great Deals at the TP-Link 11.11 Sale

If you’re looking for a unique yet practical gift to give to your techie love one for the holidays, check out the TP-Link 11.11 Sale.

The most versatile and practical gift ideas has been handpicked that is a perfect gift to keep your loved ones cozy and connected all year round. You can also save on these devices as you can score freebies and discounts.

Innovated products that are included in the TP-Link 11.11 sale are from the latest next gen Wi-Fi 6 to your 24/7 Wi-Fi Home Camera.

R5 and E5

The Archer R5 and Archer E5 boasts a thin and sleek design, and houses cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology. They promise fast wireless speeds and extensive coverage for seamless connectivity throughout homes, offices, and other establishments.

Tapo C210

Tapo Home Cameras help your family stay close no matter where you are. The Tapo C210 offers advanced night vision, motion detection, and 3MP Ultra High Definition Video Camera. This help you see what’s going on in your home 24/7.

Tapo C225

You can also check out the Tapo C225. It’s a secure, smart, and easy WiFi camera that features 360 horizontal field of view. It offers comprehensive security and convenience with its sound and light alarm, smart motion tracking, and two-way audio. You can watch over your space, kids, or pets with its Smart AI Detection and Notification. This feature identifies people, pets, and vehicles, while also recognizing abnormal sounds, notifying users as needed.

Archer R5 and E5Tapo P100Shopee | Lazada
TC7064GB SD CardShopee | Lazada
TC6564GB SD CardShopee | Lazada
Tapo C22564GB SD CardShopee | Lazada
Tapo Cameras (TC70, TC65, C420S2, C420S1, C420, C400S2, C325WB, C320WS, C225, C220, C210, C110, C100)64GB SD Card (Only applicable during 11.11 purchases.)

Promo Period: November 10 – 13, 2023

Discount Voucher
  • PHP50 off on a min spend of PHP2,000
  • PHP110 off on a min spend of PHP4,000
  • PHP170 off voucher with minimum spend of PHP6,000

Interested buyers can also enjoy in-store promotions at the TP-Link concept store located at 3F Annex, SM North EDSA. You can get score great deals on the Deco Wi-Fi 6, Archer Wi-Fi 6, as well as select Tapo cameras.

Deco WiFi 6

The Deco Wi-Fi 6 brings seamless and robust wireless coverage throughout your home or office. It enhances your internet connectivity, and eliminates dead zones with its line of mesh home systems.

Archer AX12

Meanwhile, the Archer Wi-Fi 6 is a line of routers and network devices that deliver faster speeds, improved network efficiency, and increased capacity for handling multiple devices simultaneously.

Deco Wi-Fi 6 (2-Pack & 3-Pack)Tapo C100
Archer Wi-Fi 6Tapo P105
Select Tapo Cameras64GB SD Card

Promo Period: November 1 – 30, 2023

You can get these devices in amazing deals in TP-Link’s concept store in SM North EDSA, as well as their online platforms in Shopee and Lazada, links below.


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