ROG PH Partners with Scope for Change CS:GO Charity Tournament

ROG PH Partners with Scope for Change Counter Strike Global Offensive Charity Tournament

ROG Philippines just recently announced that they will be partnering with the online charity tournament, Scope for Change.

Scope for Change Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an online tournament announced to give opportunity for competitive players to donate to a charity of their choice. The tournament boasts a lion’s share of PHP 80,000 for the prizes, which will be divided amongst players and their respective charity.

“I wanted to translate my passion for esports to bolster the hope of the Filipino in these times of financial and emotional turmoil. I started this project to coalesce elements of esports and charity,”

says Kyler Sy, founder and organizer of the tournament.

“This is combining fun and camaraderie while returning gratitude to the heroes in our society during this pandemic,”

Sy added.

On July 17-19, 2020 and on July 24-26, 2020, the tournament will be hosting a 16-team single elimination format. The 1st place down to the 3rd-4th place finishers receives the following prize and divided in a 3:1 ratio for the charity and team respectively:

1st place: PHP 40,000
2nd place: PHP 20,000
3rd-4th place: PHP 10,000

Scope for Change Counter Strike: Global Offensive Rules

  1. External software enhancing one’s in-game performance is prohibited from matches.
  2. Matches will use standard competitive settings except for these:
    – mp_freezetime 20
    – mp_team_timeout_max 3
    – mp_overtime_enable 1
  3. Settings for overtime:
    – mp_startmoney 16000
  4. Teams will receive three timeouts lasting 60 seconds each. If there is an issue, a technical timeout may be called. Strictly no communication is allowed during a technical timeout.
  5. The active map pool will be implemented:
    – de_inferno
    – de_mirage
    – de_train
    – de_nuke
    – de_dust2
    – de_overpass
    – de_vertigo
  6. The following actions will be flagged as offensive and irresponsible behavior. They can be reported to notify the admins of such behavior. If. a player keeps violating this code, they can be withdrawn from the game:
    – Griefing
    – Chat Spamming
    – Insulting or profane language
    – Disobeying admins instructions
  7. All matches will be recorded as they will used for advertising material in streams or future video advertisements.
  8. In-game names and avatars must be responsible refraining from attacking anyone.
  9. Every match will be held as a five-versus-five game permitting four overtimes. A team will only be allowed one substitute. The tournament’s bracket is structured as a single bracket enabling overtime. Each team will be given ten minutes to connect to the server. However, if a player does not arrive, the team will be penalized.
  10. In case of any abrupt occurrence within the server such as a crash or network issue, the round will be replayed in order to remain nonpartisan.

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