Receive your E-Sukli via PayMaya when you Shop at The SM Store

Receive your E-Sukli via PayMaya when you Shop at The SM Store

PayMaya and The SM Store has launched an innovative solution to make receiving change more convenient for shoppers, introducing E-Sukli.

Receiving a bunch of coins and bills as change can be inconvenient. They’re heave and take up a lot of space from your wallet and pocket. And oftentimes, the cashier doesn’t have the exact change on hand. With e-sukli, you can receive your change digitally on your Paymaya account.

E-sukli allows customers to receive their change of up to ₱50 directly to their PayMaya account instead of taking bulky physical coins and bills. This makes receiving change much easier and eliminates the need to find a smaller bill for purchases. It is also a great way to accumulate funds in your PayMaya account. The feature is available when you shop to over 60 The SM Store branches nationwide.

You can use the feature whenever you checkout your purchases at the counter of any The SM Store branch. To receive your change digitally, all you need to do is to just ask the cashier to send your change to PayMaya. On your app, tap the icon in the upper-left corner and tap the QR code beside your name. The cashier will then scan your PayMaya account QR code and transfer your change.

Keep Your Change and Get More

Just like any PayMaya experience, e-sukli can also be rewarding. From April 1 to 30, 2022, those who use the feature in any of The SM Store branches will get an additional bonus of ₱5, ₱10, or ₱25. This is on top of the actual change that they will be receiving from their purchase.

This initiative with The SM Store is just among the many programs and innovations that PayMaya is rolling out to its enterprise partners. They aim to encourage more Filipinos to adopt digital payments for their everyday transactions for more convenience.

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