New OPPO Reno5 to be Introduced this February 2021

New OPPO Reno5 to be Introduced this February 2021

OPPO Philippines is set to introduce the OPPO Reno5 4G and Reno5 5G, the ultimate smartphone videography, this February 2021.

“We are thrilled to officially introduce the new OPPO Reno5 in February. We’re introducing two Reno5 smartphones – Reno5 4G and Reno5 5G in the Philippines. With the steady growth of 5G roll out in the country and our cutting-edge camera technologies, we promise to equip young Filipinos with a Reno smartphone that can inspire them more to creatively #PictureLifeTogether with friends and family in this highly digital-driven lifestyle,”

said Raymond Xia, OPPO Philippines Marketing Director.

OPPO Full Dimension Fusion Portrait Video System

OPPO has developed a more advanced and more comprehensive imaging system on the new Reno5 4G and Reno5 5G. This innovation is called the OPPO Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video System. Based on top-end imaging hardware, innovative image processing algorithms, and user-centric software, the OPPO FDF Portrait Video System caters to the diverse video creation needs of users in almost any situation.

This video system is comprised of two engines; the Quality Enhancement Engine, and the Portrait Perception Engine. The Quality Enhancement Engine’s role is to ensure that users capture clear images in any scenario. Meanwhile, the Portrait Perception Engine is responsible for establishing strict criteria for the features within a portrait video. These criteria ensure that the portrait subjects and the background are clearly and naturally defined.

Quality Enhancement Engine

The engine is a suite of algorithms that ensure users can capture quality videos in any situation. Whether in low light, bright light, or fast motion environments, it optimizes settings to deliver images that stay true to life.

AI Highlight Video

AI Highlight Video will be among the many imaging functionality that’s based on the engine. It uses OPPO’s new generation, proprietary algorithm to combine its industry-leading Ultra Night Video Algorithms and Live HDR Algorithms. It detects light levels in a scene and intelligently applies the algorithms to optimally adjust brightness, color, and clarity in videos. This is the first time OPPO has united Ultra Night Video and Live HDR under one feature.

AI Highlight Video works by integrating three automatic optimization algorithms:

  • Adaptive Brightness Adjustments – It applies Auto Exposure (AE) to control the exposure time and guarantee the brightness of the image while maintaining a smooth video from frame to frame.
  • Adaptive Dynamic Range – This applies dynamic range adjustments to each frame in a video with Dynamic Range Conversion and Filmic Tone Mapping technology to restore lost colors, brightness, and darkness to their natural levels.
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction – It introduces inter-frame fusion for temporal noise reduction and intra-frame fusion for spatial noise reduction.

Portrait Perception Engine

The Portrait Perception Engine enable users to shoot in their style. This ensures that no matter what the scenario, the system will process the portrait subject more naturally.

Scene Design Manager

The Scene Design Manager uses OPPO’s proprietary top-level portrait scene definition capabilities. It can define strict criteria for different scenarios and assess user-recorded videos against these criteria and provide suitable adjustments.

Portrait Recognition

After the engine has received the scene assessment from the Scene Design Manager, AI models and deep neural networks work to recognize the portrait subject and separate them from the image background. And thanks to OPPO’s SOTA AI model, the accuracy and speed of the AI model is increased.

The OPPO Reno5 4G and Reno5 5G leverages OPPO’s powerful technology to simplify the complicated task of video capture, editing, and sharing. This leaves users with a simple-yet-professional means to record and create their own stories. Both of the device will be introduced this February 2021.


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