New Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Teaser Trailer Released

The new Spider-Man PS4 game from Insomniac that everyone is talking about has just released their new teaser trailer, and it’s all kinds of awesome.

The trailer features a bit older Peter Parker with new redesigned suit. It also shows Wilson Fisk a.k.a The Kingpin being arrested, Osborn running for office, and many more. We even get a glimpse of Miles Morales (The other Spider-Man). The trailer seems to show that Mister Negative is the main villain of the game, but he could just be one of many villains in the game. You can watch the new teaser trailer above.

Marvel's Spider-Man

As you can remember the E3 gameplay footage of the game, it has great graphics, as well as a next gen console game should. The game mechanics are really good, having a stealth element, and making use of the surroundings. Sony has certainly raised the bar on this one, now time to save up on buying a PS4. You can check out the gameplay footage at E3 below.




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