Lightsaber Escape – Turn Your Phone Into a Lightsaber

Lightsaber Escape

Every Star Wars fan have always wanted to wield a Lightsaber. And we can since there are replicas and toys being made. There was even a Lightsaber duel exhibition during the World Fencing Championships. But there is one prominent feature of the Lightsaber we want to do, and that is to deflect beams or lasers. Fortunately, we can do that thanks to guys behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Google with this game that’s designed for Google Chrome, introducing Lightsaber Escape.

Lightsaber Escape

The name of the browser game is Lightsaber Escape. It takes you inside a Battleship where you make an escape while Stormtroopers shoot you. Deflecting their beam can be done with your smartphone by controlling the Lightsaber. Open up your Chrome browser in your PC or laptop (You can use other browsers but it works best on Chrome) and go to the Lightsaber Escape site. A link will be provided on the site, enter it on your phone’s browser, calibrate, and then enjoy the game.

Lightsaber Escape

You can check me out playing the game on the video below. I didn’t include the second part of the game in the video because it was beginning to lag thanks to the Philippines’ slow internet connection (LOL).

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