Check Out my iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing from Smart Postpaid

iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing

Watch my iPhone 8 Plus unboxing from Smart Communications. Tried something different from this unboxing, what do you think?

First of all, a bit of a disclaimer. The device isn’t mine nor it was loaned to me by a company. I just borrowed the device from a co-blogger, Ria Jose of It is also important to note that the device is from Smart’s iPhone 8 postpaid plans, read more about the plans here:

Watch my iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing

I’ve been shooting and editing a lot of travel videos lately and learned a few cinematic shots. So, I decided to try it on this particular unboxing just for fun. It looks a bit crude because I only had the device of a very limited time. But I do plan on improving future unboxing. Let me know what you think, should I continue doing it this way?

Also, I can’t do a full review on the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus because I of the very limited time I had with it. Hoping to review one soon though.

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