Introducing the Insta360 ONE R – The First Modular 360 Action Cam

Insta360 is known for making great quality 360 cameras. And they just announced their first ever modular action camera, the Insta360 ONE R.

Yes, it’s modular. Which means it can be disassembled into individual components and then be reassembled into a completely different camera. You don’t have to keep it as a 360 camera, but can also have it as a dedicated action camera. Currently, there are 3 builds available for the ONE R; you have the 360 build, the 4k build, and the 1-inch build.

The 360 build is for shooting 360 photos and videos, the 4k build is your standard 4k action camera, and the 1-inch build is a high resolution camera. They call it the 1-inch build because it has a 1-inch sensor built in, and its lens are co-engineered with Leica.

Insta360 ONE R modular

The ONE R is made up of three components; the lens, the core, and the battery case. You can interchange lenses between the 360 camera mod, 4k camera mod, and 1-inch mod. The core houses the processor, as well as the screen and power button. And the battery case houses its batteries as well as hold the camera together.

Insta360 ONE R waterproof

Being a modular camera, it’s hard to believe that it’s waterproof. But as a complete unit, it is water proof of up to 5 meters. The display is also a full color touchscreen, which is a big upgrade.

Insta360 ONE R features
Insta360 ONE R features

The Insta360 ONE R can now be purchased with the Twin Edition that comes with 1 core, 1 battery pack, a 360 mod, and a 4k mod, pricing at USD 479.99 (approximately PHP 24,313). They will also be selling just the 4k camera mod, one core, and one battery pack at a much cheaper USD 299.99 (approximately PHP 15,195) price tag. The 1-inch Edition mod will be available soon, and is said to be priced at USD 549.99 (approximately PHP 27,859). More accessories and mods will also be coming soon for the ONE R.


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