Huawei Watch Fit Review – For the Fitness Enthusiasts

Huawei Watch Fit Review

I’ve been using the Watch Fit both workouts and everyday use for a week. And here are my thoughts, this is my Huawei Watch Fit review.

The Huawei Watch Fit may look like your typical smartwatch, but it has actually a lot to offer at such an affordable price tag. And in this review, I’ll talk about them.

Out of the Box

The Watch Fit is neatly boxed, much like any premium device from Huawei. It somehow amazes me how they put an affordable price tag and still make it feel premium to unbox. The watch comes with it proprietary charging USB cable and some literature (Quick User Guide and Warranty Card). You can check out my unboxing and impressions video below.

Design and Build Quality

Unlike the regular square smartwatch shape, the Watch Fit has a rectangular shape which actually feels comfortable than it looks. The body looks like it’s made of aluminum, but it’s actually some sort of plastic material. Though this makes it less durable than other smartwatch, this material makes the watch weightless. An in my personal use, I find it more comfortable when working out than other heavier options in the market.


The watch strap is made of the typical strap you see used with smartwatches. I think it’s polyurethane silicone. It also has a standard strap style, much like any other ordinary watch. This makes it easier to strap on since its more familiar.

Connectivity and User Interface

Though you can use the watch as is, it is still better to connect it to your phone to enjoy its full benefits. If you do not own a Huawei phone, you need to download and install the Huawei Health app (I also showed this on the video above). Instructions on how to connect the watch to you phone is also displayed when you first turn on the Watch Fit. However, there are times when I couldn’t detect the device on the phone. But a quick restart on both the device seems to fix the problem.

Turning on the watch, its interface seems easy to understand. You can navigate and understand where to swipe to get the information you need, even without reading the user guide. So that’s a plus on user experience.

Perhaps my only nitpick on the interface is that I don’t think it runs on Wear OS. Which means I can’t install Facer app on it, which is just my personal preference on this matter. The Facer app by the way is a library of custom watchfaces. Like I said, it’s just nitpicking on my end. The watch does have an assortment of watchfaces available, but it still seems limited to me. I do hope they add more in the future.

While it needs more watchfaces in my opinion, it does have a Standby Watchface feature. Basically, since the display is AMOLED, there are watchface that consume low power that can be displayed when the screen is on standby. Now you might think that this feature can be draining to the battery but it brings us to its next feature, battery life.

Day-to-Day Experience

Using the Huawei Watch Fit everyday has been great so far. I rarely remove it and even wear it to sleep to track my sleeping habits. The reason is it has a superb battery life. It can go for a weak of usage on one full charge. This saves me the annoyance of charging it every night. You can just charge it once a week. Plus, you just need less than an hour to fully charge the device.

During long hours of sitting in front of my computer and working, the device reminds me to stand up and stretch. It could be nice if it had a reminder for you to drink water as well, but it doesn’t. And as I mentioned above, the device is lightweight so it doesn’t really get in the way of my daily activities. But it’s weightlessness can be fully appreciated during workouts.

Working Out

Huawei Watch Fit workouts

Since the watch is practically weightless, it’s perfect for workouts since you do not want to add extra unnecessary weight when you’re already lifting weights. That’s the reason that most people wear fitness bands instead of a smartwatch. Personally though, I prefer smartwatches because they have other features help and improve your workout experience.

One of the features I’m referring to is its scientific workout guidance. Though I have to admin there was insufficient data on my part since I can’t go out for runs as much as I want to because of the strict curfew being implemented here in my city in light of the pandemic. So, I have only been using the watch during indoor workouts.

If you watched the full video above, I mentioned that the watch features up to 96 workout modes. That is a lot. So, whatever your workout will be, the Huawei Watch Fit pretty much has it. Another feature that I really like is its animated fitness courses. It actually has an animated virtual coach displayed in the watch to show you how to properly execute a workout. And it’s not jus one exercise, it’s a full fitness course.

Other Features

The Huawei Watch Fit also feature a built-in GPS. You might be wondering what it’s for. Well it’s actually quite useful. Normally you would bring your smartphone during your runs, or when riding your bike. That’s because you need the phone’s GPS to track your speed, distance, and route. Since the Watch Fit has a built-in GPS already, theoretically, you won’t need to bring your phone as the watch can track those data by itself. But as I have mentioned, I haven’t been out more often than I’d want to these days because of the pandemic. It is still important to note that not a lot of smartwatch has this feature.

Huawei Watch Fit

The device also has 5ATM water resistance feature. This means that it is water resistant on shallow waters (around a depth of 1 meter). It means you can wear the watch while swimming. Swimming is also included on its different workout modes.


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