Complete your WFH/LFH set-up with an HP Laptop with GCash Promo

HP Laptop - HP Pavilion

Complete your list of essentials to fulfill school tasks for kids and work assignments for working parents by getting an HP Laptop.

In preparation for the “new normal,” parents thought of all essential needs for an ideal Learn-From-Home (LFH) or Work-From-Home (WFH) environment: ergonomic chairs, working tables (is it the correct height?), sufficient lighting, even healthy snacks just in case their school kids become famished. But they didn’t forget the most important one, the computer, in this case, the laptop.

Why a laptop? A laptop is easier to set up and convenient to use, especially for busy parents, where they can bring it practically anywhere in the house. This all-important tool is definitely a student or parent-office worker must have for effective distance learning or remote working.

With an HP laptop, your kids can join online classes, write essays, make presentations or connect virtually with classmates. For working parents, they can now effortlessly send e-mails, meet with office colleagues, prepare vital office reports with ease, and talk to the boss remotely via any virtual meeting platform.

HP’s extensive range of products will surely meet and complete your WFH or LFH needs. They are powerful, with strong processors so users can do school or office work flawlessly and efficiently.

HP Free GCash Promo

When buying an HP laptop, get up to PHP 6,000 cashback from GCash through the “HP Free GCash promo”.

Simply buy from any participating HP products to avail of the Free GCash promo. After purchase, go to to register and upload purchase details. Once registration has been completed and approved, customer will receive a confirmation email and a separate email for the HP GCash voucher code. Then email name, date of birth, mobile number and GCash voucher code to to convert voucher code to actual GCash.

You can also get your own HP laptop from HP online stores and authorized retail stores by visiting or The HP Free GCash promo is ongoing until October 31, 2020.


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