HP Customer Delivery Inspection Offers Protection against Fake Products

HP Customer Delivery Inspection

HP Philippines offers free Customer Delivery Inspection (CDI), which help protect businesses against using fake products.

The HP Customer Delivery Inspection is an on-site examination of large to medium-sized deliveries of printing supplies which are suspected to contain counterfeits. The checks are conducted by HP anti-counterfeiting and fraud experts, upon the request of customers. The goal of these inspections is to ensure that businesses are protected from fake printing products and supplies that can interrupt workflow.

Hp customers can request for an examination if they notice or suspect a delivery to contain counterfeit products. To request an examination, they need to fill out a Customer Delivery Inspection request form and emailing it to [email protected].

The HP anti-counterfeiting and fraud program administrator will review the request. They then will arrange a free product inspection if the suspicion is credible. If and when counterfeits are found, the customer is asked to refrain from buying from that particular supplier and instead buy genuine products directly from HP authorized resellers.

Customers can also protect themselves by recognizing original HP supplies through mobile authentication, tamper-evident label check, security seal check, and online validation. Mobile authentication involves scanning the QR code on the HP product with a smartphone to validate authentic HP supplies. Using the tamper-evident label check, consumers can look for signs of cartridge tampering: pattern lines do not match, colored label instead of transparent, or label text shows ‘seal is void’.

For more information about how to avoid HP counterfeits, you can check out hp.com/go/anticounterfeit.



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