Here are some Financial Tips for Fresh Graduates from ShopeePay

Here are some Financial Tips for Fresh Graduates from ShopeePay

If you’re a fresh college graduate, it’s time to welcome the adulting life. Here are some financial tips for fresh graduates from ShopeePay.

As you build your career and earn your own money, you’ll have greater purchasing power. That is why its important to take control of your finances. With ShopeePay’s cost-saving features and rewarding perks, you can become a financially savvy adult. Below are some financial tips for fresh graduates to get you ready for adulting.

1. Set aside a budget for savings and expenses

Allocate a portion of your monthly income for expenses, and a percentage for savings. And in order to avoid accidentally using your savings, you can transfer your expense budget to your ShopeePay wallet. You can then use the funds in your wallet for your expenses and transactions. You can even skip admin fees and cash in for free when you link your BPI or UnionBank account. For other banks, you can use your bank’s online app and cash in via InstaPay. You can also get up to Php25 cashback on your first two InstaPay transactions per month.

2. Send money for free when you make your transactions

Transferring money online is very convenient, but you have to pay additional interbank or e-wallet fees. But if you’re using ShopeePay, you don’t need to settle any fees to transfer funds. You can send money for free to any bank, e-wallet, or another Shopee user.

3. Be more cost-effective when giving gifts

Sending physical gifts can be a hassle at times. That’s why sending money as a gift instead is an economical and practical alternative. Shopee’s built-in e-wallet also has a feature called Ang Pao. It allows you to instantly send money to multiple people in one go, without any fees. You can also use it to surprise your parents and other love ones. It’s the perfect way to gift them during special occasions.

4. Take advantage of discounts when paying bills and personal necessities

As you start to take care of household responsibilities, you’ll realize that bills tend to pile up. Every month you’ll have to pay utilities like electricity, water, cable, landline, and internet. You can conveniently pay these monthly bills online in the app. Furthermore, you can even get up to 100% cashback for your transactions for new users (minimum spend of Php180, capped at 180 coins).

5. Be a smart spender and bargain hunter

Rewarding yourself is also part of adulting, as long as it’s within your budget. Before purchasing something, you need to think hard first if it’s really important and will be using for a long time. Next, you need to consider where to buy and how to pay for it. Purchasing from Shopee using ShopeePay will let you have access to shipping discounts and cashback vouchers. You can also check out “ShopeePay Near Me” on the app to enjoy exclusive deals for as low as Php1 from groceries, gas stations, food & beverage outlets, and more.

Download and install Shopee now to enjoy the benefits of ShopeePay, download links below.


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