Anito Legends Early Access is Out Now!

Anito Legends Early Access is Out Now!

You can now play Anito Legends early access as the Filipino-made auto-battler comes out from its beta version.

Anito Legends is an auto-battler play-and-earn NFT game that have been developed by an all-Filipino team. The game is heavily inspired by Philippine folklore and mythology. It require players to build and gear up a team of three (3) Anitos from four (4) different classes: the Kiwig, Sarangay, Siyokoy, and Tikbalang.

The NFT game is playable on multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. The Anito Legends early access also comes with all the features in the game’s beta version. This includes two different game modes: Adventure Mode (PvE), and Arena Mode (PvP). Player data is also synchronized across different platforms via Cloud Save. All quality-of-life elements that ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay are included as well.

“We are very excited to see what our community thinks about Anito Legends early access. We hope that everyone will enjoy playing through both Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP) as much as the team has enjoyed working on it.”

James Chua, Anito Legends Chief Executive Officer.

“Early access is just the start of the Anito Legends roadmap. The community has much content to look forward to, and we are excited to share every single step of the journey with our community members.”

Jayvee Fernandez, Chief Marketing Officer of Anito Legends.
Anito Storage

To start playing Anito Legends early access, three (3) Anito NFTs are required. Fans and community members who were able to participate in the game’s recent private and current public sales will get to utilize these Anitos to jumpstart their in-game adventures. For those interested in getting into Anito Legends, an upcoming public sale via the Anito Legends Marketplace will be open on September 1, 2022.

More features will be coming soon in the game. This includes Battle Pass, special towers, additional Anito classes, scholarship programs, and more. For more information about the the game, you can check out the link below.


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