SteelSeries Unveils the Alias and Alias Pro Mics Powered by Sonar

SteelSeries Unveils the Alias and Alias Pro Mics Powered by Sonar

Gaming and esports peripherals brand, SteelSeries, just unveiled its microphone solution purposely built for gamers, the Alias and Alias Pro.

When gamers stream, they get animated, move around, shout with excitement, narrate gameplay, and tell stories. And most microphones on the market do not allow users to be dynamic. The Alias microphones, however, allow for the freedom and true range that gamers seek.

SteelSeries has designed and created the ultimate microphone system for gamers and streamers. It makes it easier for users to simultaneously produce and stream. Its combination of hardware and software allow streamers to sound like a pro without being a pro.

“For many, gaming isn’t just a pastime, it’s a passion and a lifestyle, so having the very best peripherals fills a need to make the experience amazing every time. For decades, SteelSeries has been as passionate about bringing innovative, best-in-class products to the market as gamers are about gaming itself. With the launch of our Alias microphones powered by Sonar for Streamers, we are empowering current gamers, streamers, and content creators, and enabling future generations to create great streams and content for years to come.”

Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO.

The Alias and Alias Pro microphones feature a custom-built 1-inch condenser capsule, that’s 3x the size of a standard microphone capsule. It flawlessly capture each gamer’s voice, while finely a finely tuned cardioid capsule pattern minimizes background noise with a bubble-like capture area. This results in a sound pattern similar to those used in broadcast and recording studios. A custom-built shock mount is also included which absorb vibrations and allow gamers to get animated during their streams.

Sonar For Streamers

SteelSeries’ new microphones are powered by Sonar For Streamers. It’s a free studio-grade software suite that provide gamers with an all-in-one sound studio. Streamers can utilize its independent 10-band Parametric EQ with broadcast presets for deeper vocals, audio routing, precision tuning, and mixing. Its ClearCast AI noise cancellation make even the noisiest room sound like a recording studio. Pro mixing tools like the Compressor and Limiter removes the need for additional audio programs and/or plugins. Sonar is also compatible with standard video broadcasting software such as OBS, Streamlabs, etc. It also uses the CPU rather than the GPU for processing to avoid frame rate drops.

Alias – Sound Quality and Versatility Combined

SteelSeries Alias

The SteelSeries Alias is the first microphone designed specifically for gamers to sound like a professional. It’s a 24bit/48kHz broadcast-quality microphone that picks up every detail of the gamer’s voice. It upgrades the stream and content with pure, powerful audio delivery to draw in the audience. To keep gamers informed on the fly, the Alias displays mic peak level information with a 5-stage LED indicator. Real-time mic monitoring is also possible using wired headphones. Gamers can also conveniently control input gain, mute, and headphone volume. The mic is also easy to setup, you just need to connect it to your PC via USB.

Alias Pro – The Ultimate Streaming Microphone for Gamers

SteelSeries Alias Pro

The SteelSeries Alias Pro is a broadcast-quality XLR microphone that picks up every detail of the user’s voice with extreme accuracy. The balanced XLR system with pre-amplifier and 48V phantom power reduces noise and interference to deliver pure and powerful 24bit/48kHz audio. Its XLR Stream Mixer brings XLR amplification and audio mixing controls to any PC. It also feature an innovative StreamMixer that utilizes two USB ports with Sonar Software to support optional dual PC streaming for content creators.

To allow for easy mixing, the Alias Pro also features Drag ‘n’ Drop Audio Routing. Streamers can route and mix up to five audio channels and adjust them individually. Gamers will also have easy access to controls and essential audio adjustments such as mic gain and mute. Dial and button assignments can also be customized to mix or mute specific audio channels, as well as monitor levels and mute status with custom-designed LED indicators. The gain dial lights up from green to red to monitor your input levels, while ambient RGB lighting complements the setup.

Price and Availability

SteelSeries’s Alias and Alias Pro microphones are available at and retailers around the world. The Alias will have an SRP of PHP 11,100, while the Alias Pro will be at PHP 19,555.

The Sonar For Streamers software can be downloaded for free on the link below.


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