AKG k240 Studio Headphone Review – Great Sound at a Lower Price

We’ve recently visited A.Refinery and checked out some of their best audio devices. And today we’ll be reviewing one of their recommended headphones, the AKG k240 Studio Headphones.

First off, I’m not really an audiophile or a complete expert on audio devices. But I do love headphones and I’ll review these cans as best I can so please bear with me. AKG is a well-known audio equipment company, and their AKG k240 Studio headphones aren’t particularly new, but I’ll try to review them as best I can anyway.

What’s in the Box

Opening the box, you’ll find the headphones themselves. The cable included is detachable, and there is a 3.5mm to ¼” adapter so you can plug it to your studio equipment or your mobile devices. The connectors are gold plated as well.


The AKG k240’s design is a bit retro but in a good way. It does has some modern design to it and I particularly like the gold logo on the side. They are a bit bulky looking, but it’s okay since you’re going to be using them indoors anyway.

Build Quality

The headphones are built mainly with high quality plastic with some metal on the outside of the drivers. It is also surprisingly light despite its looks. The pads are made of leather and so does the auto adjusting headband. The headphone is also very flexible that it won’t cause any comfort issues during any movement.


Overall, it is very comfortable when in use. The pads however gets a bit warm during long periods of use. They fit perfectly in my ears and very comfy, although someone with bigger ears than mine might feel a bit of discomfort. Because it is light and comfy, I sometimes forget that it is on my head.

Sound Quality

I’ve listened to various music genres with the AKG k240 Studio with over a week of burn-in. I’ve even used it while editing some videos or just watching some shows. It does leak since it is a semi-open headphone (I don’t know why they call it semi-open, they could have just called it open). The sound quality is great for its price range. Although I wish I could’ve tested them with a headphone amplifier, sadly I don’t have one. The music I’ve tested them with are Panda by Desiinger, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Hotel California by Eagles, and Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. The sources I used was my computer, my ASUS ZenFone 2 smartphone, and a friend’s FIIO music player (forgot which one).

The Verdict

AKG k240 Studio Review 7

The AKG k240 Studio are a great pair of headphones for its price range. It’s comfortable and lightweight, though it gets warm around the ears after long periods of usage. There may be much better studio headphones out there but if your on a tight budget, the k240 Studio may just be for you.

The AKG k240 Studio headphones are priced at Php 5399, a bit on the cheaper side than most studio headphones. You can buy them exclusively at A.Refinery located at the 2nd level of Abreeza Mall, Davao City. You can also find them in Quezon City at the UP Town Center and in Cebu at Ayala Center. Oh and at the time of writing, A.Refinery Davao is having a Kadayawan Sale from August 1-30, 2016, so better visit their concept store now.

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