5 Ways to Boost your Summer Fun with the Samsung Sound Tower

5 Ways to Boost your Summer Fun with the Samsung Sound Tower

Summer is just around the corner, time to start planning your summer activities. Make it memorable with the Samsung Sound Tower.

1. Host a Movie Night

For an epic movie night, you need a powerful speaker, a projector, a movie, and good company. Set up your screen and projector, and amplify it with fantastic audio from the Sound Tower. The device will give you a full theater experience while you and your family and friends watch your favorite films.

2. Take your Sound Device Poolside

Summer will not be complete without taking a dip in the pool. Bring a speaker along to play music while you soak up the sun and enjoying the water. Just make sure the speaker is water-resistant and has a long-lasting battery life.

3. Organize a Dance Party

A Summer Dance Party with friends is always a fun idea. Set your speaker up and create a playlist of your favorite songs and get everyone moving. Have a speaker with party lights to hype up the party to the max.

4. Spice Up the Summer with a Workout Session

Keeping up with your fitness regimen is also an important activity during the summer. To keep things interesting, use your speaker for outdoor workout sessions. Find your center by practicing yoga to relaxing music, or break a sweat by doing some dance cardio.

5. Camp Out and be with Nature

Camping is also a fun activity you can do during the summer break, and why not bring a speaker with you. Cue up your squad’s playlist while pitching your tents, gathering around the bonfire, and gazing up at the stars. But keep in mind to pack a speaker that has a built-in and long-lasting battery life.

No matter the activity, having a well-rounded speaker can boost your summer fun. And a great example of a well-rounded speaker is the Samsung Sound Tower ST50B. It features an IPX5 water-resistance rating, and has a powerful built-in battery that can last for up to 18 hours. Furthermore, it has an innovative bi-directional speaker that can amplify a wider area. It also has built-in LED lights to hype your activities with fun party lights. You can get the Samsung Sound Tower ST50B in all authorized Samsung dealers nationwide, or on Samsung’s website below.


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