Up to 67% Off of Home Appliances from the Gaabor March Mega Sale

Up to 67% Off of Home Appliances from the Gaabor March Mega Sale

This March, customers can get up to 67% off on all home appliances and as low as ₱153 on select items from Gaabor on Shopee.

If you are looking to upgrade or buy a few appliances in your home, this month is the perfect opportunity to do so. Gaabor is having its March Mega Sale in its flagship store in Shopee. There are a lot of appliances to choose from, you can check out three of them below.

Gaabor 5L Touch Screen Air Fryer

The Touch Screen Air Fryer is a healthy alternative to cooking your meals. It’s an oil-free multi-function convection oven with smart and considerate features. The device can air fry your food quickly with 98% less oil than traditional fryers. You can air fry dishes to crispy perfection with its adjustable temperature range of 90-200ºC. You can even reheat your leftovers to return your dinner to its original crispness.

Its touch screen digital control panel is very convenient to use. With just a few touches, you can start cooking your meals. With a 5L capacity, you can cook for your family and guest without the messy oil splatter. Its non-stick basket also makes it easier to clean, and with a neat and sleek design, it makes for a perfect staple on any kitchen countertop.

Gaabor 5L Touch Control Air Fryer

The Touch Control Air Fryer is also an excellent addition to your kitchen. It also has a large 5L capacity, and uses rapid air technology to cook your favorite meals. This feature uses only a little to no oil, reducing oil and fat intake for up to 80%.

Its digital touch control panel is easy to operate, making it efficient and convenient. It has a 7 preset cooking menu that can cook fish, steak, pizza, cake, prawns, ribs, and chips. Lastly, the air fryer comes with a detachable basket and non-stick grill plate that is easily washable.

Gaabor Dexterous Dual Use Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking to buy a new cordless vaccum cleaner, check out their Dextrous Dual-Use Vacuum Cleaner. It has a lightweight build that is strong and efficient for dust removal. Its strong suction reaches up to 16000pa/18500pa/19000pa. And with its multiple filtration system, it can remove clean air, absorb and filter fine dust, and lock it firmly in the dust box.

It also has a flexible and portable design that makes it easy to carry around the house. It can be used with a pushing rod or even as a handheld vacuum. And its slim design makes it perfect for storage as it doesn’t occupy too much space.

To check out other appliances in discounted prices like these, you can check their official Shopee flagship store on the link below.

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