Turn your Good Buys into Best Buys this PayDay with Paymaya

Turn your Good Buys into Best Buys this PayDay with Paymaya

#PayMayaPayDaySave is back and comes with more savings to help you stretch your sweldo this PayDay for your wants and needs.

From November 8 to 17, 2021, you can save up to ₱1,500 by simply completing your everyday transactions with your PayMaya app. Everyday transactions such as paying bills, shopping online, sending money, or even buying load are turned into PayDay Missions. You will earn extra savings whenever you complete these missions.

With PayMaya, it’s easy to turn your good buys into best buys with savings to boot. To take advantage of these offers, here are three missions you should complete.

1. Settle Your Meralco Bill

Settling your Meralco bill this PayDay for the first time with PayMaya will let you enjoy up to ₱500 worth of savings. Just make sure that you pay a minimum of ₱2,500 within the promo period.

2. Cash in to Lazada Wallet

Online shoppers can get up to ₱500 savings even before checking out by simply cashing in at least ₱2,000 to your Lazada Wallet via PayMaya. With this, you can add more items to your cart and enjoy even better savings on top of the already awesome deals from Lazada’ Biggest One-Day sale on 11.11.

3. Complete these Smart Spending Goals

You can get another ₱500 savings when you complete these smart spending goals using your PayMaya app:

  • Purchase any item worth at least ₱300 from the PayMaya Shop.
  • Send money worth at least ₱1,000 to three (3) unique PayMaya users.
  • Pay at least two (2) unique billers worth at least ₱2,000 each via PayMaya.
  • Cash in at least ₱2,000 to your Lazada wallet via PayMaya.

To check out the full details of these #PayMayaPayDaySave missions, simply visit the Missions page on the upper right button of your PayMaya app.

#PayDaySave November 2021 Cheatsheet

If you don’t have a PayMaya account yet, you can download the app on the links below. Use my invite code to get rewarded with credits when you upgrade and cash in your account.
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