Send Money GIFferently – Send Money on Maya with GIFs

Send Money GIFferently - Send Money with GIFs for Good Vibes with Maya

To make your online transactions more fun, you can now send GIFs along with your Send Money transactions with Maya.

There are over 10 billion GIFs to choose from to send good vibes when you Send Money to your love ones. Maya has partnered with GIF database, Giphy, to help you add a personal touch to your transactions.

Maya has also come up with new GIFs to perfectly capture your Send Money moods. The all-in-one money app has also partnered with your favorite content creators and TikTokers such as CongTV, Hans Dowell, Ice Arago, Kidd Mallari, and Yumi Profeta to recreate your favorite GIFs.

To start sending money with GIFs, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Send Money on you Maya app
  2. Key in the mobile number of your recipient, amount of sending, and a personalized note
  3. Slide the toggle for ‘Personalize your Message’, and tap select GIF
  4. Choose from over 10 billion GIFs available via Giphy. If you want to find GIFs specially made for you by Maya, just search ‘mayagifs’

On top of adding a bit of creativity when sending money, transactions via Maya is fast, convenient, and safe. You can easily send money to other Maya users via the app for free. If you are sending money to a seller, you can also ensure that you are paying a legit business owner by simply looking for the Verification badge beside their name. And best of all, Maya has an up-time rate of 99.94%. This ensures that your transactions will go through seamlessly without downtime.

Soon, you can even send funds via @username. This way, you won’t have to worry about typing an incorrect mobile number, or go through the hassle of scanning QR codes. This will also make your transactions feel even more fun and personalized.

Download Maya now!

The Maya app, formerly PayMaya, continues to be the top-rated finance app in both Google Play and the App Store. If you don’t have Maya yet, you can download the app on the links below. Use my invite code to get rewarded with credits when you upgrade and cash in your account.
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