Win a Trip to Universal Studios Japan with M&M’s Screenbite Awards 2017

M&M’s is bringing the Screenbite Awards once again this year. And this time, you might win a trip for two in Universal Studios Japan.

Watching movies and TV series are one of our favorite hobbies, and it is best experienced with a snacks. And what better snack to munch on than M&M’s chocolates.

The Screenbite Awards 2017

The Screenbite Awards is where you share your best screentime moments with M&M’s. All you need to do is visit Take a photo or a video of you and your friends’ reactions while watching a TV Series, movie, or any video on any screen (TV, Mobile, Laptop, etc.), all while snacking on M&M’s.

M&M'S Screenbite Awards BestWOW M&M'S Screenbite Awards BestLOL M&M'S Screenbite Awards BestXOXO

You can choose from three categories. #BestWOW with M&M’s Red, which represents action. #BestLOL with M&M’s Yellow, who loves comedy. And #BestXOXO with M&M’s Green, representing Romance.

The grand winner will win a trip for two to Universal Studios Japan. You can also win movie tickets, as well as M&M’s chocolates and merchandise. Visit the Screenbite Awards page now to start uploading your entries, Voting starts September, 2017.



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