Calling All Pokemon Trainers in Davao City to join the League!

If you love Pokemon, then you know what the highest form of honor is for any Pokemon Trainer… To join the Pokemon League!

Good news! Local Pokémon enthusiast, Arnulfo Taghoy Jr., started his very own Pokémon TCG Community to gather all the trainers, players, and collectors of the long loved Pokémon Trading Card Game and last week, they had their first Pokémon League – a card tournament to see who is the best trainer in Davao! (Of course, limited to the club members…)

You can check out a short video showcasing what the club does, the interests, and the love for Pokémon TCG here in Davao.

Click this link to check out the video on Facebook

If you’re a Pokémon Trainer by heart, or you want to start a cool new hobby, this group is for you. Personally, my wife and I are members of the group and we get together during the weekend to play and have fun with the rest of the group.

The Pokemon League

The club is still small so there’s still plenty of room for everyone to join in! The first Pokémon League featured 8 trainers playing a point based tournament so everybody got the chance to really show what they were made of.

We all just love Pokémon so much
Pokémon TCG Battles require patience, strategy, and of course, fun.
In the end, my wife won the first ever Pokémon League in Davao City! She won an awesome Kingdra EX card too!

If you want to join in and become a Pokémon trainer yourself, check out the DAVAO POKEMON TCG COMMUNITY on Facebook.

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