Nightfall: Escape – A Videogame with a Filipino Twist

nightfall escape

Some of the scariest creatures of Philippine folklore is being made as characters in a proposed game titled Nightfall: Escape.

Have you ever heard of the Manananggal, White Lady, Aswang, or the Headless Priest? These are some of the well-known mythological creatures in Philippine folklore. And these creatures are just some of the antagonists that’s going to appear on the proposed game Nightfall: Escape. The indie game is developed by Zeenoh Inc., which is a team comprised of all Filipino crew. It is a first person survival horror game, and is aimed to be released on Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux), Playstation, and Xbox platforms.

Nightfall: Escape Creatures


Currently the game is published for 28 days on Square Enix’s Collective website to attract votes for crowdfunding. If the response is strong enough, the proposed game can be developed and eventually be launched. If you want to vote for this game please visit Square Enix’s Collective website and vote (or leave some comments if you’d like). The game has also been greenlit by Steam Greenlight. You can also show your support on their Facebook page, Twitter, and on IndieDB.

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