MateBook 16s and D16 Now Available + Back-to-School Promo

HUAWEI Back-to-School Promo – HUAWEI MateBooks on Sale

HUAWEI MateBooks and others from their Smart Office Collection are currently on sale. This include the MateBook D16 and MateBook 16s.

HUAWEI MateBook D16 and MateBook 16s

The HUAWEI MateBook D16 and MateBook 16s are the biggest and most powerful MateBook laptops to date. They feature large screens, huge processors, and Super Device capabilities. The D16 comes equipped with HUAWEI Metaline antenna, the first laptop in the world with this technology. It provides a stable and smooth network, boasting a 56% enhanced connection compared to other laptops. The device also boasts a 16-inch bezel-less screen with eye comfort certifications, a 12th Gen Intel Core processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, and Super Device.

On the other hand, the HUAWEI MateBook 16s is powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor and Evo Full Series certification. This makes it a top-of-the-line device, perfect for demanding office workloads. It also features a 2.5K high-color touchscreen with a unique 3:2 aspect ratio and eye comfort certifications. It also feature Super Device capabilities for cross-device collaboration and AI ecosystem integration among HUAWEI devices.

Back-to-School Promotions

HUAWEI Back-to-School Promo

HUAWEI’s Smart Office Collection of 2022 can collaborate in an integrated AI office system, for an incomparable workflow experience. And to help office professionals and students build their AI office, HUAWEI is offering huge promotions on multiple Smart Office gadgets.

Discounts up to Php 26,000 off can be availed. Included are MateBook laptops for professionals, MatePad tablets for artists and creators, and smartphones for mobile photographers. The promotion will run from August 6 to September 30, 2022.

HUAWEI MateBooks up to Php 10,000 Off

Aside from the biggest and most powerful HUAWEI laptops, other MateBooks are also up on sale. These are the MateBook 14 and MateBook D15. These devices also sport high-resolution HUAWEI FullView Displays, powerful Excel processors, and Super Device. They are perfect for office workers and students who may not be ready yet to invest in a decked-out Smart Office setup. Depending on the model, you can avail of freebies like a HUAWEI Regular Backpack or Bluetooth Mouse.

HUAWEI MatePad Series up to Php 5,000 Off

The tech brand is also including its popular MatePad tablet series in the promo. They are designed for innovators and artists on-the-go. The MatePad T10 is a perfect portable entertainment device. Meanwhile, the MatePad 11 features powerful processing capabilities similar to a PC experience. Depending on the model you purchase, you can also receive a free HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard of flip cover for your tablet.

HUAWEI Smartphones up to Php 11,000 Off

HUAWEI P series, as well as HUAWEI nova series smartphones are also included. The nova series are designed specifically for aspiring content creators and influencers. It packs flagship-level camera technologies into mid-range offerings. The P series are perfect for more advanced photographers, featuring the best of HUAWEI camera technology. Depending on the smartphone model you’ll get, it may also come with a free HUAWEI Band 6 fitness tracker.

For a complete list of devices included in the HUAWEI Back-to-School promo, as well as the order link, you may refer to the table below.

MateBook 14s i7 11th Gen 16GB+512GBPhp 79,999Php 79,999HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse worth Php 2,499
MateBook 14s i5 11th Gen 8GB+512GBPhp 68,999Php 58,999HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse worth Php 2,499
MateBook 14 i5 11th Gen 16GB+512GBPhp 59,999Php 54,999HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse worth Php 2,499
MateBook 14 i5 11th Gen 8GB_512GBPhp 52,999Php 48,999HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse worth Php 2,499
MateBook 14 AMD R5 16GB+512GBPhp 52,999Php 49,999HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse worth Php 2,499
MateBook D15 i5 11th Gen 16GB+512GBPhp 48,999Php 45,999HUAWEI Regular Backpack worth Php 1,890 + HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse worth Php 2,499
MateBook D15 i5 11th Gen 8GB+512GBPhp 42,999Php 37,999HUAWEI Regular Backpack worth Php 1,890
MateBook D15 i5 11th Gen 8GB+256GBPhp 37,999Php 34,999HUAWEI Regular Backpack worth Php 1,890
MateBook D15 i3 11th Gen 8GB+256GBPhp 31,999Php 28,999HUAWEI Regular Backpack worth Php 1,890
MatePad 11 WiFi 6GB+256GBPhp 34,999Php 29,999
MatePad 11 WiFi 6GB+128GBPhp 26,999Php 26,999HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard worth Php 6,999
MatePad T10 LTE 4GB+64GBPhp 9,999Php 9,999Flip cover worth Php 999
MatePad T10 LTE 2GB+32GBPhp 8,999Php 7,999
MatePad T10 WiFi 2GB+32GBPhp 7,999Php 6,999
nova 9 SEPhp 13,999Php 13,999HUAWEI Band 6 worth Php 2,599
nova 9Php 23,999Php 19,999
nova Y70Php 9,999Php 8,499
P50 ProPhp 52,999Php 45,999
P50 PocketPhp 69,999Php 59,999
P50 Pocket Premium EditionPhp 86,999Php 75,999

You can get the devices on the HUAWEI Online Store, as well as their official stores on Shopee and Lazada, links below.

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