OPPO Zoom Lens Design Boasts Lossless 5x Zoom

Earlier at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, Spain, OPPO revealed their new lens design than can zoom up to 5x without any loss of quality.

OPPO 5x Zoom Tech

The design focuses on a secondary lens that is arranged in a 90 degree offset much like a submarine’s periscope. The lens has 3 times a focal length of the primary wide-angle camera. But the company claims that a 5x lossless zoom can be achieved by their proprietary image fusion technology for digital zoom.

Is there an OPPO 5X Lossless Zoom Phone?

As of now, the Chinese smartphone company haven’t announced a device that will have this dual lens setup. In fact, there is no clear statement on when this technology will be added to their phones. We’re still hoping it would be soon and we look forward to testing it on an actual device.



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