iOS 11 is here – Here’s What You Need to Know About the New OS

iOS 11

The newest update from Apple, the iOS 11, was announced during the Apple Event last week (September 12, 2017), and it rolls out today.

Aside from the announcement of the iPhone 8, 8+, and X, iOS 11 was also revealed. It starts rolling out today to every iPhone and iPad. Here’s what you need to know about the new operating system.

The Control Center is Customizable

The Control Center now sits on a single screen instead of a swiping panel. You are now able to customize which buttons or toggles to appear in the Control Center which do not. There are some buttons and toggles that can be force touched to reveal more settings. An example is force touching the Flashlight brings out a slider to change the intensity of the light.

There are also a few new panels in the Control Center, such as quick access to Apple TV remote. But the most I’m interested in is the Screen Recording feature, which Apple should have included ages ago. It also has a button to switch LTE on or off, finally!

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop function has been part of the iOS since the beginning. But now, you can add an app to a group and drag those group around. Making it much easier to arrange the apps in your Home screen.


Taking a screenshot has also been part of the OS’s earlier versions, but in iOS 11, it throws a little thumbnail below after taking a screenshot. Swiping the thumbnail left saves the screenshot, swiping it right gives you the ability to edit it first.


Apple has changed how notifications behave in the iOS 11. Honestly, I don’t like it that much as it gives additional complexity to a feature that is user-friendly. But it probably just takes a bit of getting used to.


Multitasking on the iPhone has not changed. On the iPad however, You are able to drag and drop apps from the dock to either side of the split screen and much more.

iOS 11 adds new feature and functions to your iPhone and iPad. Some are revolutionary, while some just adds complication. The operating system runs smooth, and is said improve the device’s battery life.

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