A Twitch Rival Has Arrive – YouTube Gaming is now Live

YouTube, the leading video sharing site, will now live-stream games and intends to rival Twitch; introducing YouTube Gaming.

YouTube has been the leading video-sharing site for many years now. And there are a lot of gamers who uploads their gameplays to share. And YouTube also have a live stream feature where you can broadcast videos live. But Twitch has always been popular when it comes to videos games.

But now, YouTube just launched YouTube Gaming. It is their spin-off site which is sole dedicated to videogames and gamers. It is probably a response to Twitch, where they have always proved the popularity of gaming videos and live streams.

YouTube Gaming

You can visit YouTube Gaming at https://gaming.youtube.com/. You can also download the app for your phone and tablet on Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone. I’m sure this would appeal to some gamers and would be a serious competition for Twitch. What do you guys think?



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