Sony plans on Developing Robotech Live-Action Movie

Robotech was one of my favorite show when I was a kid. Now, it seems Sony is planning to develop a live-action movie out of it.

Robotech was a mecha anime which was first released back in 1985. It was adapted from the Macross Japanese anime franchise. The series’ premise is that a crashed alien starship was discovered on a South Pacific island which then prompted Earth’s technology to advance. Earth then used this technology to develop mech/robots to fight extraterrestrial invasions.

robotech wallpaper

Sony Pictures has recently secured the rights to Robotech and is quickly making plans on developing a live-action movie. They also seem to view it as a potential franchise so they might be planning on making a series of movies.

Robotech Production

Sony already signed up screenwriter Michael Gordon, and producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton for the project. Original intellectual property rights holder Frank Agrama of Harmony Gold will also act as executive producer along with Michael Gordon and Jehan Agrama as well as co-producers Leonard B. Rosman and Christy Duran.



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