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The New Spider-Man is Tom Holland and Jon Watts as Director

June 24, 2015 0

Marvel and Sony announced that they have found their new Peter Parker/Spider-Man after a long worldwide search. The role was finally given to Tom Holland.

Time to Upgrade – Windows 10 will be given for Free to Testers

June 21, 2015 0

Windows 10  will not just be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, it will be also be given for free to

Supe’s Cousin is Here – Supergirl Trailer and Synopsis Released Online

May 14, 2015 0

The first official Supergirl trailer has just been released online. CBS has also released a synopsis about the upcoming series.

Unboxing & Review – ASUS Strix 2.0 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset

May 7, 2015 0

ASUS have sent me the new Strix 2.0 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset as part of their promotion and this  is my unboxing and review of the

Photo Gallery – Mindanao Toy Convention 2015 Highlights

May 4, 2015 0

Its already been a week since the Mindanao Toy Convention 2015 has ended. Check out some of my favorite shots taken during the event.

First Images of Stephen Amell as Casey Jones in TMNT 2

May 1, 2015 0

Michael Bay recently released the first photo of Stephen Amell as Casey Jones in his trademark goalie’s mask and hockey stick.

Zach Snyder Tweets a Batman V Superman Teaser

April 16, 2015 0

Zach Snyder just posted a 20 second Batman V Superman Teaser on twitter; Ahead of the trailer which hits IMAX Theaters starting April 20, 2015.

First Four Episodes of Game of Thrones Season 5 Leaked

April 13, 2015 0

Game of Thrones season 5 was scheduled to air on April 12 9 PM EST on HBO. But the first four episodes have been leaked online.

First Look at Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool Costume

March 28, 2015 0

Ryan Reynolds recently posted an image on Twitter. It was an image of himself suited-up as Deadpool for the upcoming feature film.

Davao Launch Event of Erectus The Game

March 28, 2015 0

Erectus The Game is a free-to-play multiplayer browser-based game by Maata Games BV. And the game will be launched here in Davao City.